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In-Home Care

Most older people say that they would prefer to live in their home as long as possible. Each individual has their own reasons for wanting to stay in their home. In Home Care is an alternative to living in a facility. Elderly people are so used to being around their home and it makes them feel secure at all times. They do not have to change their habits, lifestyles and not have to worry about having to live with other people they have never known before.

Inevitably with age, help is eventually needed. Following are the services Senior Care Link provides that help people stay at home as long as possible.



Senior Care Link provides companion care for older people who are capable of managing their activities of daily living but are in need of companionship to live a full life without isolation . Our companion program includes light housekeeping, meal preparation, and errands.



We provide services to help the older person maintain their personal hygiene. This category includes helping the older person take a bath or shower using any necessary equipment. In the case that the senior is unable to take a bath or shower, bathing includes giving a sponge bath. Whatever the situation, the purpose of this task is to do whatever it takes to make sure that the older person is clean and comfortable.


In some cases, the older person may need assistance with transferring from one situation to another. With Senior Care Link, this includes helping transfer the senior from the bed to a chair, from a wheelchair to a car, from one chair to another. This also includes assisting the senior to stand from a sitting position and periodic repositioning in bed.


Our caregivers help with dressing and undressing. Caregivers may assist in getting in and out of any prescribed support garments such as compression socks and the like.


This includes being able to stabilize and support the senior when walking or using a cane, walker or wheelchair.

Assistance in Feeding

This is when caregivers assist our clients get fed.


Our caregivers are trained at helping with all toileting and incontinence issues that seniors may encounter.

Medication Reminders

All of our caregivers are trained to remind our clients to take medications on time

Affinity Senior Care makes living at home longer possible through providing quality services. Whether you need companion care, or personal care, we will be able to bring you our best.

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