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Assisted Living Facilities / Independent Living Facilities

As widely varied as the state licensing and definitions are, so are the types of physical layouts of buildings that provide assisted living services. Assisted living falls somewhere between an independent living community and a skilled nursing facility in terms of the level of care provided.

People who live in newer assisted living facilities usually have their own private apartment. There is usually no special medical monitoring equipment that one would find in a nursing home, and their nursing staff may not be available at all hours. However, trained staff are usually on-site around the clock to provide other needed services. Household chores are performed: sheets are changed, laundry is done, and food is cooked and served. Some homes even have a beauty parlor on site. Grocery service is often available too. Where provided, private apartments generally are self-contained; i.e., they have their own bedroom and bathroom, and may have a separate living area or small kitchen. Registered nurses and license practical nurses are available by phone or e-mail 24 hours out of the day, to ensure proper teaching and/or education of staff available. Assisted livings may also be a good choice for couples who want to remain together but simply cannot care for each other because of health limitations.

There are usually common areas for socializing, as well as a central kitchen and dining room for preparing and eating meals. Most assisted living facilities offer restaurant dining set up. They have buses that take them to medical appointments and outings as planned.

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